Beyond a doubt, UCSF places a premium on the people who work here.

Our faculty and staff come to work in an intellectually stimulating environment among extraordinarily talented and like-minded colleagues who are dedicated and committed to advancing health. And because of that, we see a lot of longtime members of the UCSF family.

As part of the University’s commitment to the people side of the equation, J. Renee Navarro, PharmD, was named its first vice chancellor of diversity and outreach in 2010. She leads the University’s efforts to create a culture of inclusion and equity across campus, as well as strengthen outreach.

Working freely in a safe and inclusive atmosphere, people can learn, teach and be fearless in their contributions and initiatives.

Diversity is important from a strategic perspective as well. We are serving an increasingly diverse population in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. There is a critical need to train health care professionals whose backgrounds give them clear insight into the cultural and social needs of the people and patients they treat.

None of the other four priorities – patient care, education, discovery, and business – can amount to much unless we continue to foster an environment in which we can recruit and retain the very best people, from Nobel Prize-winning scientists to the person answering calls for appointments at the medical center.

We’re firmly focused on providing a welcoming environment and world-class resources for our faculty and staff. In turn, employees will have their own benchmark: They will understand the vital part they play in fulfilling the UCSF mission and feel confident that when they succeed, so too does UCSF.