Creating a great academic culture is tricky: you need people who are committed to their own excellence, and at the same time, generously giving of their time to teaching and mentoring the next generation.

You can walk around the halls and see this culture alive everywhere: our basic scientists teaching novice PhD students a critical technique of scientific discovery; a world pharmacology expert patiently guiding a student through the complexities of drug metabolism; a nursing student at a bedside with a senior instructor, learning the best way to interview a new patient.

We serve 3,000 professional and graduate students on campus, and that’s not counting the tens of thousands to whom we offer educational resources through free online courses and outreach programs for local youth and high school students. Doing this well requires a strong educational culture, but it also requires an innovative curriculum and modern teaching tools.

Our educators are constantly innovating. For example, the School of Medicine is undergoing a massive redesign of its curriculum to meet the demands of practice in the 21st century. The Bridges Curriculum Redesign seeks to incorporate technology, interprofessional care and authentic workplace learning experiences into a new way of medical training set to launch in 2016.

This focus on educational excellence is a big reason why UCSF consistently places among the top hospitals and schools in US News & World Report’s annual rankings.

UCSF also is committed to making its world-class graduate education programs more accessible – that is, more affordable. Even in a difficult funding environment, we're working hard to find new resources to support our students to ensure that we continue to attract the best and brightest.