At UCSF, discovery isn’t just a priority. It’s a way of life.

UCSF scientists are driven by a compelling desire to learn and innovate, and to conduct leading-edge life sciences research in literally hundreds of high-impact fields of study.

Home to five Nobel Prize winners, this University is acclaimed worldwide for its research into the molecular, genetic and cellular underpinnings of cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological and neurodegenerative disorders, immunology, and infectious diseases. And we consistently rank among the top recipients of highly competitive grant funding from the National Institutes of Health – in 2013, our schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy swept the NIH funding lists, and UCSF received the most grant funding – $501 million – of any public institution.

But becoming world leaders in scientific discovery and innovation is not an end in itself. The bigger objective is to lead in both traditional and translational research, achieving breakthroughs that lead to more effective treatment and cures for people.

In that vein, we are leading the way with precision medicine, which seeks to collect and analyze massive amounts of data – genomic, molecular, environmental and clinical – to identify the root causes of diseases and to develop targeted therapies to treat them.

At Mission Bay, we’re also focusing on opportunities for unique collaborations between industry and academic enterprise that are ethically grounded but also pragmatic. Forging alliances and strengthening partnerships with industry allows UCSF to more rapidly advance groundbreaking innovation from the lab to the patient.

Dollars and awards are just a marker of our success. Ultimately, we understand that the only measure that really matters is the impact UCSF basic scientists and clinical researchers make every day to improve health worldwide.